SonBEAMS is an educational program for 1-4 year olds together with their caregiver. This gives another opportunity for bonding between child and caregiver while teaching necessary skills to the child. All the activities planned are designed to give children experience with important educational activities to prepare them for school.

SonBEAMS stands for Bible stories, Education, Active time, Music, and Social time. Each SonBEAMS meeting will include a Bible story, free play in the gym, exercise time, and learning time.

Why teach Bible stories? We are following Jesus’ command to teach his word to all people. By teaching children of God’s love for them, it will give them a foundation to help them stand firm through life’s storms.

When children engage in free play, they will have the opportunity to explore motion and the world around them using quality equipment. The children will also participate in a structured exercise time. The focus of exercise time will be building control, strength, coordination, balance, and crossing the midline of the body.

Other activities the children will participate in are music and learning. In learning time, the children will work on vision skills, language, fine motors, and pre-reading and pre-math skills. Music helps children learn rhythm, beat, and pitch.

This free program is a great way to meet other parents your child's age, to have fun and do it all while learning more about Jesus.  We get together for six Bible lessons in the Fall and six different Bible lessons in the Spring.  We have added one extra day to the program- the last SonBEAMS class will be an Open Gym. 


SonBEAMS will be a 7-week course held on Mondays from 8:00-9:15am, starting on October 8, 2018.  (There will be 6 weeks of class, and an Open Gym party on Monday, November 19.)

Click here for our Spring 2019 schedule.


Zion Lutheran School
822 Western Ave.
Columbus, WI 53925

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SonBEAMS is free to attend and siblings are welcome.


You may register by completing this registration form and mailing to Zion Lutheran School, 822 Western Ave., Columbus, WI 53925. Drop-ins are welcome; however, for planning purposes, pre-registration is appreciated. For more information, call Becky Weidner (920-319-6956) or the Zion Office (920-623-5180) or email Take advantage of this wonderful resource that will get your child off to a bright and powerful start!