The logo at the top of this page says a lot about our congregation. The name Zion is common in the Scriptures. In the Psalms, Zion often describes the Temple Mount built on a hill in Jerusalem where God dwelt among his people and where they gathered to worship him. For this reason, the term “Mount Zion” is often used. By extension, Zion can mean Jerusalem, Israel, and in the New Testament, God’s people here and in eternity - in other words, the Holy Christian Church, where God is graciously present through the Gospel in Word and Sacrament.

The name Zion calls to mind mountains and solid rock. That's who we are - God's forgiven people founded on the solid rock of Jesus Christ who is revealed in the Holy Scriptures. The truth of his saving love is what we are all about. Serving him in thanks for that love is our greatest joy. We would love to grow in him with you. Please join us! You are always welcome!


Sunday Morning Worship

7:45 AM & 10:00 AM

9:00 AMAdult Bible Study (childcare provided)


Thursday Evening Worship

6:30 PM


TV Service Schedule

Zion's worship services are shown locally on cable channel 98 Monday-Thursday at 3:00 PM


Bible-based guidance

Zion's pastors speak on the level of the listeners, using contemporary anecdotes and compelling illustrations to give messages of God's love and guidance. The message at Zion communicates God's Word in a way that 21st century people appreciate and understand.

Christ-centered worship

The relevance of our Bible-based messages will guide you with new insight for the week ahead. The mercy of God through Jesus Christ and the meaning of faith make worship at Zion a reverent and relevant experience.

Life-related Bible learning

We offer opportunities to grow in an understanding of God's Word.  We cater to a variety of knowledge and interest levels, and make the study of God's Word a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Our school partners with parents of Zion and reaches out through a Christ-centered education, empowering students to live lives of service for God's glory on earth and preparing them for eternity in heaven.



Our Objectives


To teach the word of God as the only reliable source for doctrines (teaching) concerning God, creation, Jesus, salvation, the last things. (Psalm 111:10)


To train the child in Godly living (develop character) in the light of God's Word, which supplies the answer to the questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? (Psalm 119:9)


To equip the child to express his faith in his Savior to fellow Christians and to those who don't believe in Jesus as their Savior. (Matthew 28:19-20)


To teach all subjects in the light of God's Word, using the Bible as sole authority. (Psalm 139: 14)


To help the child to develop and to use his knowledge, talents, and skills to the glory of God and the welfare of his neighbor. (1 Corinthians 10:31)




To attain these objectives it is of utmost importance that we as parents and teachers ever keep before us our high calling and responsibilities as God's representatives. In this way only will we be able to instill into the hearts of our children the proper respect for God's established law and order, and grateful appreciation for what God has done, and still does, for us in Christ Jesus, our Lord.