Sunday School Begins September 8, 2019 (9:15 - 10:15 am)

The purpose of our Sunday school can be summarized with just one word: Jesus. Every thing we do in Sunday school focuses on Jesus. As Paul wrote, “We preach Christ crucified” (1 Corinthians 1:23). Everything we say and do in Sunday school is designed to focus our attention on Jesus so that both students and teachers grow in Christian faith and godly living.

All children from K4 to eighth grade are invited to enroll in our Sunday School. You can download a registration form at the bottom of the page or you can register online by clicking the link below.




  • To teach God’s Word, both law and gospel to the children entrusted to our care.

  • To make the gospel (good news about Jesus) the predominate teaching in all our Sunday school lessons, so that the children grow to trust Jesus as their Savior more and more.

  • To motivate with the gospel so that children thankfully, willingly and gladly serve Jesus with a God-pleasing life.

  • To encourage the children to share the good news of Jesus’ love with others.

  • To support mission projects through our Sunday school mission offering.



Sunday School classes meet at Zion Lutheran School, 822 Western Avenue in Columbus. Click here for a map.


We use the Growing in Christ curriculum from Concordia Publishing House. It is excellent, dynamic, Biblical and Christ-centered.


We have an excellent, experienced Sunday school staff. Please feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.


Mary Browskowski (623-5472)

Ruth Becraft (920-350-0163)

Grades 1 & 2
Colleen Winter (623-4709)

Grades 3-5
Heather Alvarez (608-220-3794)

Holly Tratar (484-3447)

Grades 6-8
Leo Fischer (623-3018)