Sunday Morning Study

Current Subject: "PRAYER"

Christian souls need to be nourished and motivated by the Word of God from cradle to grave. Bible study is the Lord's way of speaking to us, strengthening our faith and helping us through difficult times. Bible study unlocks the secrets of God and motivates us to worship and serve Him.  Please join us in growing in our faith in Jesus Christ and in knowledge of God's Word through our adult Bible classes at 9:15 on Sunday mornings.

Bible study at Zion is fun and informative.  It's edifying and encouraging.  One thing it's not: scary.  No one will call on you to read or answer a question unless you raise your hand.  Your level of participation is up to you.  You can read, answer questions, and offer comments.  Or you can simply sit, listen, and soak it all in.  You don't need to be a Bible expert.  No previous Bible study experience is necessary.  Please give us the opportunity to show you how wonderful studying God's Word with fellow Christians can be!


Bible Information Classes

These classes are designed for those who are seeking membership at Zion or for Zion members who would like a thorough review of the Bible's basic teachings. Classes are offered periodically. You can contact us here for details. We will post information about class schedules as appropriate.


Friday Bible Breakfast

Food for both body and soul - that's what Bible Breakfast is all about. We meet in the church basement on Friday mornings at 6:00 for a light continental breakfast and some in-depth Bible study and discussion. Stop by on your way to work. We'd love it if you could join us.  For more information please contact us.