Zion Lutheran School operates an ExTended Care (ETC) program which offers the structured supervision of students before and after the school day.  


Program Details


Welcome to the Zion Extended Care Program

Available on school days (Early Release Days in the morning only)

This service will begin on the first day of school!


Hours of Operation:             6:15 AM to 7:45 AM

                                                3:10 PM to 6:15 PM


Location: The ExTended Care room is located halfway down the classroom hallway.  Parents must drop off and pick up their children at the ETC room door to ensure safety and accountability.


  • $2.50 per half hour for the first child.  $1.25 per half hour for siblings.  Families must pay before utilizing the program.

1 to 36 minutes of service shall be considered ½ hour of charges.

37 minutes to 66 minutes shall be one hour of charges

67 minutes to 96 minutes shall be one and ½ hours of charges

97 minutes to 126 minutes shall be two hours of charges

127 minutes to 156 minutes shall be two and ½ hours of charges

157 minutes to 180 minutes shall be three hours of charges.

  • Payments can be made in advance at the ExTended Care room.
  • Refunds will not be given for unused portions of the punch cards.
  • Families will be billed $1.00 per child for each minute after 6:15 PM until their child is signed-out for the day.



  • Students enrolled at Zion Lutheran Pre-K through 8th grade are eligible for the program.
  • Students shall be supervised inside and outside of the building. This program has been established to address the supervision of students arriving prior to the normal school entrance time of 7:45 AM, or still present and not involved in a supervised activity immediately following school. (Students arriving before 7:30 AM or expecting an after school ride, yet still present at 3:40PM without parental supervision, shall be sent to the ExTended Care room for supervision).
  • Athletes waiting for practice to begin will not be sent to the ExTended Care room if a supervised study hall is provided. Athletes needing supervision after practices will be sent to the ExTended Care room and charged the appropriate amount. Siblings of athletes requiring supervision will be charged before, during and after practices.
  • Parents will sign in their child for the before school program, and sign out their child for the after school program.


Snacks: A snack with milk or juice shall be provided for the students in the morning. A snack with milk or juice will be provided for students staying over ½ hour in the after school program.  We will not require them to eat or drink.

Program: Quiet game playing, video viewing, or study time shall be allowed in the morning. Supervised play and study time will be scheduled for the after school program.

Other Notes:  Our supervisors’ schedules change according to the number of children in the program and the days and times that childcare is required.  Please notify the school office, of any changes in your schedule.  We would prefer notice of any changes at least 1 week in advance.

Contact Us:  For more information or to enroll your child in ExTended Care, call the school office at 920.623.5180.  An enrollment form is available on the next page.